What is Gardening With Spirit?

This video is the easiest way for me to introduce you to what I’m doing here.

Here’s a little more information about two of my favourite gardening systems.


This is a design system (not just for gardening) that looks to nature and natural systems for inspiration. A well loved example of Permaculture Design is an edible forest or woodland garden, where fruit and nut trees, soft fruits and herbs are planted in a way that mimics a natural woodlenad edge, thus providing a beautiful, sustainable and perennial food system.

Co-creative gardening

Co-Creative gardeners find ways to directly communicate with nature intelligence (sometimes called Devas or nature spirits) and garden with nature as a true partner, letting nature help design the garden system. Early pioneers of this type of gardening include the founders of the Findhorn Community and Maechelle Small Wright in Virginia, USA and her Perelandra Garden.

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Winter Solstice check in 2016

Winter Solstice check in 2016

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Happy Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day.

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